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The Challenge

Unfortunately, hijack search attacks are not isolated incidents in most businesses. Over the years, malware has infected every corner of business and production, and is now branching out to social networks, marketing, and mobile devices, too. Just how widespread is the problem? In 2010 alone, 286 million different types of malware were responsible for more than 3 billion total attacks on computer users. These staggering numbers are just one simple measure of malware’s impact.

The Solution

Our company has the experience and technical ability to defend your assets against a wide range of malware intrusions. We combine behavior, memory, and static analysis in reverse engineering the malware with our own state of the art methodology. We evaluate the impact of the malicious software and to assist you with understanding the impact of the malicious software to your organization and computing assets.

Providing you with the necessary technical detail, FireDragon’s analysis of the malware – whether the malware is active or dormant – will help in assisting you with crafting a response to eradicate the malicious software.

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  • Network infection up 80%
  • Website Traffic redirect 50%
  • Identify theft 75%
  • Email spoofing 60%


FireDragon provides you with the information necessary to understand how the malicious software operates in your environment. Upon completion of the analysis, the FireDragon Database is updated and ready to provide you with all indicators of compromise (IOC) found, to ensure the response methodology includes measures to help prevent future occurrences of the same Malware. The IOCs can be applied to your existing Intrusion Detection\Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Firewalls, Internet Proxies, Anti-virus, and other existing security devices with prevention capabilities. Our primary objective is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to defend against threats to your enterprise.