An operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc.

“Both the iPod touch and the iPad are iOS devices”


Came to dominate the world’s personal computer market with over 90% market share, overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced in 1984


Operating system based on the Linux kernel with a user interface based on direct manipulation, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers

FireDragon uses today’s latest open source framework to automate the malware analysis process, and provide access to analytics that are derived from the FireDragon Database used for tracking actionable results.

FireDragon is used to automatically run and analyze files and collect comprehensive analysis results that outline what the malware does while running inside an isolated operating system, keeping thieves from your information.

The results collected can include any or all of the following depending on the binary:

  • Traces of win32 API calls performed by all processes spawned by the malware.
  • Files being created, deleted, and downloaded by the malware during its execution.
  • Memory dumps of the malware processes.
  • Network traffic trace in PCAP format.
  • Full memory dumps of the machines.

Feature Set

Techie Stuff
  • Syslog protocol: Firewall logs can be analyzed (using our FireFilter© algorithm) and suspicious binaries can be downloaded and analyzed.
  • Generic Windows executables
  • DLL files
  • PDF documents
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • URLs and HTML files
  • PHP scripts
  • CPL files
  • Visual Basic (VB) scripts
  • ZIP files
  • Java JAR


The most important feature of FireDragon is the Dashboard. The FireBoard © provides access to historical information in grids and charts. The information can be utilized in the response process by providing vital information for effective remediation.


Because FireDragon is building a historical database of every sample you’ve analyzed, you have quick and easy access to trends and analysis of the information, which can then be utilized to measure the effectiveness of the your defensive posture and provide insight to the weakest areas of defense.

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