Fire Dragon in Korea

American security company which puts on Korean market
among other foreign markets, becomes the talk of the town.

Fire Dragon, which is security solution company based in California, USA, sets out the
market with APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) solution which is optimal for the Korean
environment. Fire Dragon also proceeds International Common Criteria (CC) certification to
enter the domestic public market. In this interview, the global APT company ­ Fire Dragon ­
announced a strategy to enter the public market.
< Sam Elkholy (Chief Operating Officer) and Jong Gwang, Kim ( Representative of Insec
security) cooperate Korean security business. >

10th, Sam Elkholy, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fire Dragon, says  “Korean market is
the most dynamic market in the world.” said that “If we get proved by Korean customers, then
it would be just a matter of time to expand business into world.” Since there are many cyber
security threats in Korea, Fire Dragon plans to run their business in Korea as a Testbed.

Fire Dragon contends for victory through APT solution which is focused on Small & Medium
Business(SMB). This product provides the services in Hangul(Korean Language) and also
supports specific­environments application which is familiar with Korean environments like
popular ERP service among Korean companies. The service and support of the product are
taken responsible by Insec Security(NYSE Jong Gwang, Kim). They also place the malicious
code analysts for this project.

The APT solution from Fire Dragon senses abnormal pattern in network, based on behavior
detection technique and send it to the sandbox to analyze. By analyzing and detecting entire
network traffics, the sensor separates suspicious packets. Also it can detect unknown attack
coming from company’s network with smartphone and other mobile devices.

Sam Elkholy, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fire Dragon, explained “It is ready to provide
customer service day and night like 365 days 24 hours supports.”, “We will provide optimized
service for korean customers by cooperating with Insec Security.”said the COO. He also
mentioned that “The public market is also being prepared,” and “sooner or later in Korea CC
certification would apply.”

The Representative of Insec security,  Jong Gwang, Kim says “Fire Dragon selects Korean
as a priority market with the optimized solution for Korean domestic environment.” “As
one­third of the cost of other competitive products, Fire Dragon product corresponds APT
attack.”said the Jong Gwang, Kim

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