Firewall: Start, Stop, Fail; The Red Zone

Firewalls are an essential part of your IT security infrastructure; they are the foundation. However, the target has changed, and most companies have not changed their focus. The current ideology is that hackers install agents on your network and let them do the work. They install them in the Red Zone. This is the weakest part of your network. This is the spot where your pc and device are located.  This is also where most human decisions are exposed on your network. For example, which website to go to, what file to download, and what e-mail to open. This is where the tools of the future need to work. We know who and where you are. In war it is easier to identify who attacked you than who is going to attack you. This is where the Red Zone will help turn the tables on would be hackers and hacking corporations. As a person in business you need to make sure your IT strategy is up to date. The next war will not be fought in the board room or the battlefield; it will be fought in the Red Zone. I have outlined the place and time in  (Time till live)   Sean Galliher CEO...

TTL time till live

TTL(Time Till Live ) Why Time Til Live (TTL) is a Critical Factor in Your Cyber Security Cyber-crime has become much more sophisticated than ever before. No longer are the threats simply a kid playing in the basement. The cyber war has become a billion dollar industry, netting malware companies and hackers millions. As corporate IT departments attempt to keep these companies out, CEOs and presidents need to remember that they may have a handful of people fighting a war against hundreds, maybe thousands of programmers who are working 24/7 to successfully get their hands on sensitive data. What is Time Til Live? What many organizations fail to realize is that the true threat of cyber-attacks lies not in the initial breach but in the time it takes to discover the intrusion. The longer hackers are able to go undiscovered, the more havoc they can wreak and the greater the damage they’ll be able to do to your network. The time that elapses between the initial breach of a network by an attacker and the discovery of that breach by the victim is known as “time til live” and it’s something that could seriously be costing your company money. One recent report indicates that the average time it takes to discover a successful breach is close to 150 days. For many, it could be much longer. Imagine the kind of damage a hacker could do if given months to extract the information they’re after while going completely undetected. Sadly, it is these prolonged and sophisticated attacks that many organizations fail to consider. Thankfully, understanding TTL presents the opportunity for...

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FireDragon Breathes New Fight Against Cyber Attacks High-end, Lower Cost Cyber Security for Every Business PR Newswire SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 12, 2015 SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — After years of experience, research and frontline technology, Cyber Black Ops, Inc. announces the North American launch of FireDragon, the best answer to the growing cyber attack invasion on U.S. industry. FireDragon provides quality cyber security to small and mid-sized businesses, as well as the larger companies, at a cost they can all afford. According to the Ponemon Institute, the annual cost, per company, of U.S. cyber crime, in 2014, was $20.8 Million in financial services; $14.5 Million in technology; $12.7 Million in communications and $8.6 Million in retail. And that is only among the attacks that were made public. Most large companies receive multiple attacks daily or don’t know they’ve been breached. Cyber Black Ops, Inc. CEO, Sean Galliher, says, “While the majors like Target, Home Depot, eBay and Chase Bank receive the most public exposure when their security is invaded, the fact is that between 2012 – 2013, cyber attacks on small to mid-sized businesses increased 61%.” With a cost of about $900,000 per attack, loss of customers and taking up to one year to recover from damages to their operations or reputation, 60% of those companies had to close their doors within six months. It’s additionally reported that 31% of all cyber attacks are aimed at companies with less than 250 employees. Galliher says, “Cyber criminals assume that these smaller companies don’t believe they’re likely targets for attack, aren’t paying attention to their security or simply can’t...

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Fire dragon 1.0 ver release and ready for shipping Please contact reseller or us for demos and pricing Thanks Firedragon Security