Our Vision

Our Vision

Empower businesses by securing their 
networks with powerful tools and knowledge.

Fire Dragon

Optimizing todays latest open source framework to automate the malware analysis process. Provide access to analytics that are derived from the FireDragon Database used in tracking actionable results.
It is simply the latest word in network safety.

The Solution

“Provide every business with advanced tools and the knowledge to secure their Intellectual 
Property and Financial Assets from cyber
criminals” –FireDragon


To produce a safe, and reliable solution for the public and private sector


To keep business safe from hackers, thieves, and spammers


To build the best product in collaboration with the best minds


To bring the industry to your business, not the other way around

Our Story

We are Fully aware that small to mid sized businesses are growing more disadvantaged due to intrusions, we set out to even the odds.  During development, the concept of a “low cost intrusion protection” was born. With one eye focused on the history and habits of internet hackers and thieves, we carefully crafted precision tools that are easy to use to help control the growing attacks and infections plaguing industry today.

  • Percent of Websites Infected With Malware 46.6%
  • The Average Person’s Chance of Malware Infection While Web Surfing 95%
  • Average CPU Server Drop Percentage Due to Intrusion 74.3%
Sean Galliher

Sean Galliher

CEO/Business Manager

Sam Elkholy

Sam Elkholy


Ross Buck

Ross Buck