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Firewalls are an essential part of your IT security infrastructure; they are the foundation. However, the target has changed, and most companies have not changed their focus. The current ideology is that hackers install agents on your network and let them do the work. They install them in the Red Zone. This is the weakest part of your network. This is the spot where your pc and device are located.  This is also where most human decisions are exposed on your network. For example, which website to go to, what file to download, and what e-mail to open.


This is where the tools of the future need to work. We know who and where you are. In war it is easier to identify who attacked you than who is going to attack you. This is where the Red Zone will help turn the tables on would be hackers and hacking corporations. As a person in business you need to make sure your IT strategy is up to date. The next war will not be fought in the board room or the battlefield; it will be fought in the Red Zone. I have outlined the place and time in  (Time Till Live)

Sean Galliher