TTL time till live

TTL(Time Till Live )

Cyber security has gotten more and more sophisticated. No longer are the threats a kid playing in the basement. The cyberwar has become a billion dollar industry, netting malware companies and hacking companies million. As your corporate IT department tries to keep these companies out, CEOs and presidents need to remember that they may have a handful of people fighting a war against hundreds, maybe thousands of programmers working 24/7 to execute their project plan to get to your data.  This plan includes intrusion, data gathering, and extraction. A report in 2015 states the data loss can take months after the first intrusion to occur. The time between your first intrusion and the first data is called “time till live”.

ttlTime Till Live (TTL) starts after a hacker intrudes on your network, which is just a matter of time. At this time the hacker will then move into the data analysis phase of the project to determine what data they want and where it is.  This is the most vulnerable part of their attack and the place to focus on for a few reasons. First, you have information on the attack since hacking agents are on your network. Second, you can use actionable intelligence to find the intruder and eliminate them. Third, a small staff can make a difference, if they have the right tools. Fourth, it makes it easy to see your security holes to do penetration testing or plug up any holes in your security. This is the Time Till Live part of the project plan which allows your staff to identify your threat and focus your efforts to eliminate, test, and plug security lapses.  This is a proven strategy and one that has been used in the wars of the past; Waterloo for example, and many other battles have turned the landscapes of the war around. TTL is the cyberwar’s Waterloo.

Sean Galliher

CEO Cyber Black Ops

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