Labs Report Sees Mobile Malware Abuse Trust in Early 2014

McAfee Labs today released the McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2014, revealing mobile malware tactics that abuse the popularity, features, and vulnerabilities of legitimate apps and services, including malware-infested clones masquerading as the popular mobile game Flappy Birds. The report highlights the need for mobile app developers to be more vigilant about the security of […]

Hackers Arrested by US

U.S. authorities said Monday they have disrupted two sophisticated types of computer malware used to steal millions of dollars from people all over the world. The Gameover Zeus botnet, a network of virus-infected computers, targeted thousands of small businesses. And Cryptolocker, a software that encrypts files on computers, was used to extract ransom payments from […]

Lab detects mobile Trojan Svpeng: Financial malware with ransomware capabilities now targeting U.S. users

Although the Gameover Zeus botnet and Cryptolocker ransomware have been disrupted, it is still too early for a victory celebration. First, the two week deadline expires on June, 17th, leaving just one week left before cybercriminals could regain control of their botnet. Second, stories of the Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker campaign have already spawned a […]

Critical flaw exposes admin passwords of nearly 32,000 servers

Over 30,000 servers with Supermicro baseboard management controllers (BMCs) on their motherboards are offering up administrator passwords to anyone who knowns where to look, warns Zachary Wikholm, a senior security engineer with the Security Incident Response Team of hosting provider confidential information is made available because the company has created the password file in […]

How Websites and Their Users Get Infected

How Websites and Their Users Get Infected:Given how destructive malware can be, it is alarming just how easily it can infect websites and their users. While many different attack methods exist, injection and cross-site scripting are the most popular. With these types of strikes, users can become infected with malware just by visiting a site. […]

What Is Malware?

 Malware is software designed to attack and damage, disable, or disrupt computers, computer systems, or networks. Hackers often take advantage of website securityflaws, also known as vulnerabilities, to inject malware into existing software and systems with consequences that  can range from the relatively benign—like annoying pop-up windows in a web browser—to the severe, including identity […]

Malware Evolves in 2013

Since our last Security Threat Report, malware and related IT security threats have grown and matured, and the developers and publishers of malicious code and websites have become far more creative in camouflaging their work. In 2013, botnet and exploit kit innovations that were once restricted to the cutting edge have proliferated, as new malware […]

Banking malware botnets

Carberp  appear to be growing the source code of the banking-oriented, credential – stealing botnet kit used to steal over $250 million from financial institutions and their customers, was leaked in mid-2013. Long centered in Russia, we have recently seen evidence of Carberp activity worldwide, and elements of the leaked software are beginning to appear […]