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Network security is any activity designed to protect the reliability and integrity of your network and information. It is comprised of both hardware and software technologies. It is capable of examine huge volumes of incoming data and detects those threats that could potentially compromise your network. An intrusion Detection system (IDS) scans network traffic to actively detect attacks. 

FireDragon’s Active Threat Detection (ATD) does this This by using advanced algorithms and global threat intelligence networks to detect/block malicious activity and detect lateral movement within your network. FireDragon is the only Network Intrusion detection system that not only protects your network, it provides you advanced tools in order to gain visibility into the endpoint to scope the severity of the attack and collect initial Incident Response data.

FireDragon excels at detecting successful hacking attempts. The moment a hacker tries and succeeds in penetrating your servers or end-points, FireDragon will instantly issue a high priority alert via email, text, or both the second the event occurs. System administrators will instantly know the where, what, and who of the attack and begin blocking the attack before any damage is done.

Whether you have 1 location or 100, FireDragon got you covered. By deploying the FireDragon’s main appliance at your corporate location, while deploying FireDragon Sentries at remote location, deployment is easy, quick, and financially attractive. 

FireDragon Sensors provide the same level of protection you have at the corporate location, while being cost effective to deploy and manage.

FireDragon is the easiest Network Intrusion Detection System to use on the market today! From the moment that an alert has been verified (we only report on actionable alerts,) FireDragon will collect all relevant contextual information for attribution and remediation.

Starting with an alert, the FireDragon Dashboard will immediately highlight the alert and all of its context. By collecting contextual upon the issue of the alert, FireDragon can provide user, host, source and target of the attack. FireDragon is also capable of reaching into the end-point directly in real-time, to assess the scope of the attack, the nature of the attack, and how the end-point was attacked. This information is presented through an easy to use portal that allows the user to analyze the nature of the attack in order to begin formulating an incident response strategy.

Using the Indictors of Risk panel (IOR®) FireDragon is capable of Sandboxing malicious binaries and providing complete behavioral analysis (Dynamic and Static,) which will save huge amounts of remediation time.


  • Throughput 10 Gbps
  • 2 TB HDD, self-managing data manager
  • 8000 transactions per second
  • 8 Virtual Machines


  • Throughput 1 Gbps
  • 1 TB HDD, self-managing data manager
  • 4000 transactions per second
  • 4 Virtual Machines

FireDragon Sentry

  • Throughput 1 Gbps
  • 128 GB, self-managing data manager
  • 1000 transactions per second
  • 1 Virtual Machines

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